A cupcake a day keeps the doctor away
bee_happy_sewing002061.jpg bee_happy_sewing002060.jpg
Our cupcake apron is made from hot pink polka dot fabric accented with a lovely embroidered cupcake on the bodice and a fun cup cake fabric pocket.  The green polka dot  "icing" overlaps the cupcake - just for fun.  This apron is lined with pink .  The ties are hot pink 
Price: $30.00
matching pot holder
The sea is in our soul
bee_happy_sewing002058.jpg bee_happy_sewing002057.jpg
Our perky dolphin is embroidered in the blues of the sea on a soft blue and white pastel background.  The pocket features a cluster of embroidered shells, accented with sea vines.  This apron is lined with a soft blue and trimmed with matching ties. A starfish potholder is available to complete this gift.
matching pot holder
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Life is a bowl of cherries
Our bowl of cherries apron will bring a smile to your face.  The double cherry clusters are applique on the bodice of the bright yellow and red cheery background.  A large red polka dot cheery bowl makes a useful pocket.  The apron is trimmed with hand made red polka dot bias tape.
matching potholder
In the summertime....
bee_happy_sewing002049.jpg bee_happy_sewing002048.jpg
Enjoying a relaxing summer day in the back yard.  Our fresh green striped apron accented with an embroidered adirondack chair  is surrounded by summer flowers and buzzing bees.  The pocket is a  bonnet of green polka dot and topped with a picket fence accented with bright flowers and fauna.  
Price: $25.00
matching potholder.
Tropical Paradise
bee_happy_sewing002045.jpg bee_happy_sewing002044.jpg
Price: $25.00
Dreaming of that special tropical vacation? Our palm tree and setting sun embroidered on the aqua background apron bring dreams to life.  The island pocket is accented with a flirty pink flamingo.  Trimmed with hot pink - this apron says good times...
bee_happy_sewing002042.jpg bee_happy_sewing002041.jpg bee_happy_sewing002040.jpg bee_happy_sewing002039.jpg
The smiling face of this bright blue and gold pansy is embroidered on the bodice of a happy yellow polka dot fabric.  The pocket is a yellow polka dot flower pot topped with a pansy sign and another smiling face.  This apron is lined with a matching yellow and the ties are yellow polka dot.
Happy Pansy
Price: $30.00
matching potholder 
bee_happy_sewing002038.jpg bee_happy_sewing002037.jpg bee_happy_sewing002036.jpg bee_happy_sewing002035.jpg
Price: $25.00
Three applique apples top the bodice of this bright red polka dot apron.  The pocket is a green polka dot apple big enough for lots of goodies.  The ties are polka dot green and match the apple pocket.  A gift of the apron and matching potholder are great for the happy red kitchen decor.
An apple a day
bee_happy_sewing002031.jpg bee_happy_sewing002030.jpg bee_happy_sewing002029.jpg bee_happy_sewing002028.jpg
Price: $25.00
Bee Happy Every Day.
This happy bee is embroidered on a pale blue chevron apron.  The pocket is a pin dot blue bee hive accented flowers and busy bees.  The ties are pale blue pin dots.  A good apron for every day.
Its time to dance in the rain...
Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass - its about learning to dance in the rain. This sweet brightly colored apron shows us just how to do that.  And... if you need an umbrella Mr.Froggie is just the one to hold it for you as the bright yellow inverted umbrella is the background for our happy friend.
bee_happy_sewing002026.jpg bee_happy_sewing002025.jpg bee_happy_sewing002024.jpg
matching potholder
matching potholder
matching potholder
Sing a happy song
bee_happy_sewing002022.jpg bee_happy_sewing002021.jpg bee_happy_sewing002020.jpg
Sing a happy song as you prepare for dinner.  Our striped apron has a Treble Clef on the bodice and a bright aqua pocket accented with festive notes. 
matching potholder
bee_happy_sewing002019.jpg bee_happy_sewing002017.jpg
Price: $25.00
Two Hearts are one 
A simple green heart intertwined with a royal purple heart shows the joining of 2 hearts as one.  A dark green pocket with purple stitching finishes this romantic apron sewn on cream fabric with small purple roses.
matching potholder
bee_happy_sewing002015.jpg bee_happy_sewing002014.jpg bee_happy_sewing002013.jpg bee_happy_sewing002012.jpg bee_happy_sewing002011.jpg bee_happy_sewing002010.jpg
King (Queen) of the Grill
The perfect gift for that grillin" guy This bold striped apron trimmed in blue denim is just right.  Want to make him the "king" - top it off with a matching bow tie!
matching potholder
Price: $20.00
The enchanted fairy garden
bee_happy_sewing002009.jpg bee_happy_sewing002008.jpg bee_happy_sewing002007.jpg
Price: $25.00
Can you find the fairy hidden in her garden? The key to her castle is embroidered on the pale lavender castle pocket.  The matching pot holder shows her special fairy hide a way nestled in the flower garden.
Its time to stop and smell the flowers as our little bee takes a big sniff.  Upside down bee is embroidered diving into his favorite flower.  The pocket is a contrasting flower pot embroidered with buzzing  bees.
Its time to stop and smell the flowers 
Price: $25.00
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